Day 58 May 5, 2010: Working Conditions and King Rat


Today is May 5, 2010—Cinco de Mayo and Day 58 of my time left at the Mont. Jasmine Lucas, who works on C Track in Magnet sent me something to share. Know that feeling when your cat or dog decides to share what it found in the yard?  When Jasmine told me I’d just love this picture, I knew this was going to go south. It also didn’t help when Jill Pyrko told me about the rat that ran past her on Monday in her room. So, without further ado, heeere’s Jasmine!

“So I’ve gotten used to the mice in my classroom, rustling in the ceiling tiles and leaving ‘evidence’ in all my desk drawers, regardless of how assiduously I clean them.

“I’ve reconciled myself to the mice running under my feet during faculty meetings and across my body when I sit on the couch in my classroom, grading. I have even named them. They're all Fievel.

“I thought I understood the full extent of Fremont’s rodent problem.

“Then this afternoon, walking across the quad to do AP review (a few thoughts on that – why no AP retreat this year? Why are the students testing in the big gym, with distracting “tardy sweep” announcements every hour and with constant construction noises outside? I've heard we have an outstanding balance with the church where students tested last year – but if that's true, why haven’t we paid them?) I spotted a pair of crows, squawking and wheeling above my head. They were fighting over some prized object, clutching it in both sets of claws. Before I had time to wonder what it was, it fell to the ground, passing a few inches away from my face.

“What was this object, you ask? I think you know. It was the desiccated corpse of a rat. Rat jerky, really. Here it is”.

“I heard a great suggestion the other day. Maybe, during the week between the closing of Fremont and the opening of Semi-New Fremont, someone can call an exterminator. Then at least one good thing would come from the reconstitution.”



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    Chuck Olynyk is a Social Studies teacher who saw the effects of reconstitution upon John C. Fremont High in Los Angeles. These are reposting of his original blogs from the Save Fremont website.


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