December 9, 2009: “Do You Work At Fremont High? Maybe No.”


This was from the December 16 Rally held to save FremontHigh School jobs:


December 9, 2009: “L.A.School Officials Will Shut Down Fremont High, Start Over”


from Decent Schools for California:


December 12, 2009: “On the Reconstitution of Schools: Fremont High School Students Should Not Be Guinea Pigs”—Beth Trinchero


December 17, 2009: “Cortines on Fremont High: ‘Whoops. Do Over.’”


December 27, 2009: “L.A. Unified, it’s about time”


December 30, 2009: “Finally, the Arne Duncan Chicago Schools reform myth is exposed”


January 4, 2010: “Re:L.A. Unified, it’s about time”—Barbara Stam

January 4:


January 14, 2010:

Day 168 “Somebody Has To Say It”—Chuck Olynyk—was previously reposted at

by Anthony Cody at Teacher Magazine under the title “How Does It Feel To Be ‘Reconstituted?’”

In addition, Susan Ohanian, reposted Day 168 and discusses reconstitution:


January 24, 2010: “Teachers Push Gardena High Reforms”



January 30, 2010:

Day 152 “Should I Stay Or Should I Go”—Chuck Olynyk—was  previously reposted:

By Anthony Cody at Teacher Monthly as “The Battle For Fremont High”:

Education Notes Online reposted Day 152:


February 1, 2010: “No Child Left Behind: A Closer Look” on “The Patt Morrison Show” KPCC


February 5, 2010: “Big Man on Campus” on “The Patt Morrison Show” KPCC


Anthony Cody later published a picture from the February 9th rally with an article on reconstitution in


Now we see the plans for the New Fremont at,1,Slide 1


February 16, 2010:

Day 136 “Teach Your Children”—Chuck Olynyk—was reposted by Anthony Cody at Teacher Magazine as “Fremont High, Day 136: Life Lessons From A Reconstitution”


February 19, 2010: “Hard Times At Fremont High”


February 24, 2010: “Board Rules on who is to Run Schools” on “The Patt Morrison Show” KPCC


February 26, 2010Fremont Press Conference

Save Fremont Committee called a press conference in front of the school to update the public on the protest of the reconstitution at Fremont.  It was successful in that numerous TV stations, newspapers and online media were there to get information.  Parents, teachers and students spoke in the press conference about why the reconstitution was wrong.  One teacher spoke on the radio on the Pat Morrison show (89.3 FM) and participated with George McKenna and A.J. Duffy, UTLA President regarding the restructuring.

“LAUSD’s Fremont High Moves to Restructure” on “The Patt Morrison Show” KPCC

Pictures also appeared at:


Day 121 Wednesday, March 3, 2010: “Lean On Me” Scott Banks, a former Pathfinder who has gone on to much success at Marshall, wrote in our defense, reported by Anthony Cody at Teacher Monthly

It also appeared at:


March 4, 2010:  “U.S. Department of Education schools California on Race To The Top” on “The Patt Morrison Show” KPCC


March 10, 2010: Riley McDonald in Daily News:


March 10, 2010: “U.S. Department of Education studies up on LAUSD” on “The Patt Morrison Show” KPCC


March 12, 2010: “Can We Get Great Teachers By Firing Bad Ones?”—Anthony Cody at Teacher Monthly


March 17, 2010Fremont Demonstration

Teachers, parents and students held a demonstration in front of the school.  The parents and students expressed their views of the reconstitution.  It was covered by the media, discussed on ABC 7 news and in the LA Times.


March 24, 2010: “Big Man on Campus: LAUSD Superintendent Cortines Takes the Mic” on Patt Morrison Show


Day 96, Sunday, March 28, 2010: “The Royal Scam”


April 4, 2010: Jose Lara’s video on Fremont:


April 8, 2010: “America’s Race To The Top proving to be one big marathon” on Patt Morrison Show


April 12, 2010: Diane Ravitch on “The Patt Morrison Show” KPCC


Video clips of April 13th School Board Meeting:


Day 62 Saturday, May 1, 2010: “Little Lies”

Transcript of the interview with Dr. George McKenna III on April 26, 2010 on “The Patt Morrison Show” KPCC


May 3, 2010: “Restructuring Fremont High, Pt. 2” on “The Patt Morrison Show” KPCC


May 11, 2010: “Tension Continues Over Mandated Fremont High Reforms”

Video clips of May 11th School Board Meeting


May 20, 2010: “Strengthening Our Schools Takes Persistence—But Firing People Is So Satisfying”—Anthony Cody at Teacher Monthly


May 22, 2010: “Today We Twelve Speak With Secretary Duncan”—Anthony Cody at Teacher Monthly



May 24, 2010: “Talking Into A Tin Can On A String 3000 Miles Long: Our Talk With Duncan”—Anthony Cody at Teacher Monthly

It was also reposted by Susan Ohanian at:


May 26, 2010: “Hello, This Is Arne Duncan”—Anthony Cody at Teacher Monthly


Day 34 Friday, May 28, 2010 “Against the Wind”

This was reposted by Anthony Cody at Teacher Monthly as “A Casualty In the War On Public Education”

It was also reposted by Sabrina Steven Shupe at:


June 24, 2010: Interview with Anthony Cody, Heather Wolpert-Gawron and Chuck Olynyk by Elyse Eidman-Aadahl for NWP Radio at 


Day 6 PF July 1, 2010: Fremont High: Radical Change Or Just A Face Lift?”


July 2, 2010: “Monica Garcia OK’d As Head of School Board”


Day 11 PF Tuesday, July 6, 2010  “You Just Can’t Smile It Away” Text of interview with Dr. George McKenna III

Patt Morrison Show


UTLA statement:


July 7, 2010:,0,4014929.story?track=rss,0,2596116.story


July 12, 2010:

Anthony Cody reposted a couple of letters by Chuck Olynyk which were sent to President Obama and Secretary Duncan at Teacher Monthly as “The Devil In the Details”



July 22, 2010: Check out Anthony Cody’s blog at and not just for the picture of the February Rally at the Mont in the rain. As I told people, the issues at the Mont have spilled out into the outside world. The fence is down. Here comes the world.

A Poem by Bill Schecter

“The Cortines Effect”


Day 31 PF Monday July 26, 2010 “Sad and Deep As You” was reposted by Sabrina Stevens Shupe at

Contrast it with someone posting to Sabrina Stevens Shupe’s reposting in a Colorado education site about what teachers could possibly have to “blow the whistle” on abusive principals.


July 28, 2010  California Clears Hurdle for Federal Funding”,0,1448548.story.

Day 47 PF Wednesday, August 11, 2010: “Shakers and Movers”

Sabrina Stevens Shupe reposted it at


UTLA has a summary of Fremont stuff at: